Success Story

Olive + Piper uses LimeSpot to maximize sales during holidays

Personalized Shopping on a Whole New Level


Increase in Conversions

Personalized Shopping on a Whole New Level

The Client

Olive + Piper is a local handcrafted jewelry brand from Vancouver, Canada. Started in 2012 as a side project by Tania Yan, she was able to turn her hobby into a career. Over the years, Olive + Piper has expanded and crafted its own personal brand online by offering a huge variety of jewelry choices.

The Challenge

Olive + Piper wanted to increase conversions and maximize sales, especially during peak seasons such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

The company was looking for a personalization technology relevant to their diverse audience while still offering a unique experience for each individual shopper. They needed a solution with easy setup and AI automation so that the system would handle the personalization and they could focus on completing orders during these busy times.

The Solution

Using LimeSpot’s personalization AI technology to deliver real-time product recommendations, Olive + Piper was able to improve the “stickiness” of their ecommerce store ultimately leading to an increase in revenue and conversion rates. To optimize for peak season the team leveraged LimeSpot A/B functionality, testing placement and recommendation types.

"Limespot has really been good to work with – from getting everything set up, making recommendations to helping improve performance, and revenue."

Tania Yan, Founder of Olive + Piper

Oliver+Piper Results
"LimeSpot provides regular check-ins and reports and listens intently to our feedback. Our Account Manager does all this with us regularly. It's also important for us to have someone who is accessible and able to help us with any issues right away, especially during peak times like BFCM."

- Tanya Yan, Founder of Olive and Piper

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