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LimeSpot is a suite of intelligent tools and add-ons for eCommerce platforms that creates a personalized experience for online shoppers; along with customer identity management and engagement tools, providing critical market insights and demographic analytics for retailers.

Our patent-pending technology uses social networks, behavior analysis and advanced machine learning algorithms to add:

Note: All demographic information on shoppers is used anonymously and no personal information is stored, revealed, or shared with any third party in any report.

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Visit our Demo Store to see what LimeSpot adds to your online store. You can log-on with your own social media accounts to see Top Picks for you or your friends.

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An instantaneous, real-time presentation of products targeted to each of your shoppers.

We analyze your product information and extract weighted keywords and demographic rules to match them with shoppers’ profiles on Social Networks. This creates a full storefront of personalized collections for each visitor:

Top Picks for You

A unique real-time personalized collection for each visitor using a universal one-time social login.

Gift Picker

An innovative gift finder for your shoppers. Simply select a Facebook friend and see what they are most likely interested in.

Intelligent Recommendation Boxes

LimeSpot’s recommendation engine works based on a unique combination of product attributes and shopping behavior:

  • Different products with similar attributes
  • Other shoppers' behavior and purchase patterns
  • The current visitor's browsing history and behavior

Consequently, your shoppers will see recommended products most suited to them from their very first visit.

Different types of Intelligent Recommendation Boxes are:

  • Related/Similar Products
  • Most Popular Items
  • Recently Viewed Items
  • Trending Items
These recommendation boxes can be plugged into various pages on your website (i.e. Home page, Product detail pages, Collection pages and Cart page).

Personalized Facebook Store

Integrate your personalized store into your Facebook page in minutes, using your store's own original theme and appearance.

Simply select your Facebook page and LimeSpot will automatically integrate your personalized online store into your Facebook page during the installation process.

Analytics and Insights

Armed with your shoppers’ demographics and information, our social network-driven reports allow you to understand your customers better and strategically position your product portfolio, to match your shoppers’ ever-changing demographics.

Branded Mobile Shopping App

LimeSpot Mobile is a native shopping app custom-designed to deliver your branded online offering, complete with Personalized Top Picks, Gift Picker and Product Recommendations, to your shoppers' mobile devices.

(Not a part of our free plug-and-play solution. For enquiries please contact us directly)