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LimeSpot solves the choice-overload problem by providing fewer choices but ones that are highly relevant and personalized.

Our patent-pending technology uses linguistic analysis and machine learning to understand content and target it intelligently. LimeSpot combines information about consumer demographics and interests (from social networks, customer profiles or elsewhere), with analysis of browsing/purchase behavior and history, to instantly make highly relevant content recommendations that are most likely to appeal to the consumer.

Note: All demographic information on users is used anonymously and no personal information is stored, revealed, or shared with any third party in any report.

Competitive Advantages of LimeSpot Technology

Traditional personalization engines rely on big data to function. But what happens when you don't have enough data? LimeSpot's personalization engine works by understanding how digital content is related. The advantages:

  • LimeSpot needs less data from a user to provide personalization, so it can personalize sooner.
  • LimeSpot works for digital platforms of any size, not just ones with huge amounts of traffic.
  • By working with small businesses, our engine gets exposed to a large, diverse array of content and behavior - and uses machine learning to make itself smarter from it.


Whether the customer experience is online (e.g. website, mobile app) or offline (e.g. point of sale, kiosks) LimeSpot technology can be used to serve multiple channels at the same time and help ensure that your customers are shown the most appropriate content.

Industry Independent Engine

Retail and eCommerce

Plug LimeSpot into an online store to make every customer feel like they have a personal shopping assistant. Deliver personalized shopping experiences where every shopper sees content relevant to their overall interests along with what they're browsing right now.

Media and Publishing

LimeSpot can plug into a music, video, or news service to make it function like a good DJ reading their audience or a personal debrief on world events. Get viewers hooked on your media platform by delivering the content they want to see.

Ticketing and Entertainment

Personalization not only helps cut down the confusion surrounding choice, but it can also help drive discovery. Make your customers aware of events they'll genuinely love, not just the popular choices.

Banking and Financial

Sometimes customers need more than just monetary incentives to get them into their optimal plan. Direct customers towards the right plans and features for their habits and demographics with personalized content delivery and outreach.

Built for Enterprises

Today, using LimeSpot plug-and-play Apps, hundreds of stores are enhancing their shoppers’ experience with our engine and are enjoying up to 40% more traffic and sales.


9,949,827 API Calls
889,294 Users Served
38,996,935 Personalized Recommendations


Pretty Fireplaces

Great app! Absolutely love it! We have been using it on our store for almost a year now and can't complain. Easy installation and great customer support. 5 stars!

Cavalier Gastown

Great app for enhancing the customer 's experience while shopping online. Provides recommendations for other products they might be interested in and the analytics are very useful. Highly recommend.


This has become an essential feature on our site. Zero complaints and only praise. They are continuing to add more and more features too. For us, the metrics speak for themselves. Highly recommend!

Best Online Deals Now

Absolutely amazing app! It increased our page views, cart values, and so much more. I prefer this over an upsell app as it looks more natural and not as pushy. Also the customer service is phenomenal!.