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How Molly Mutt improved product discoverability on BigCommerce driving conversions up 12%

How LimeSpot helps Molly Mutt customers find the right products at the right time


Conversion rate increase

How LimeSpot helps Molly Mutt customers find the right products at the right time

The Client

Molly Mutt is a sustainable pet brand that creates products that are both comfortable and comforting for your dog. Their signature product, the Molly Mutt bed, is a stuffable bag that can be filled with old clothes or linens that might otherwise end up in landfills, providing your pooch a cozy place to sleep that also comfortingly smells like you. Of course, those cozy beds need a cover, and Molly Mutt sells dozens of interchangeable, machine-washable styles, as well as other accessories including sustainably sourced wool inserts, blankets, crate covers, and elevated dog beds. The result is a modular pet bed system that allows you to wash or replace one piece at a time, rather than tossing an entire bed away due to damage.

The Challenge

With an explosion of puppy adoptions during the Covid-19 pandemic, Molly Mutt was well-positioned to add a little more comfort to more pet owners' lives than ever before. Many of Molly Mutt's products are meant to be purchased together, but their store wasn't fully optimized in a way that made it easy to find and understand which products worked best together. They realized they needed a solution that would improve discoverability and ultimately, make it easier for their customers to understand all available options.

The Solution

After looking at the BigCommerce app store, Molly Mutt immediately saw the value of LimeSpot's ability to create AI-based product bundles, as well as surface items that are frequently bought together. Right out of the gate, adding recommendation boxes began netting results for Molly Mutt. Within the first week, they saw 10% of their revenue coming from LimeSpot's AI-driven recommendations, a number that has since grown to nearly 14%.

That wasn't the only paw-pleasing figure. Molly Mutt saw their conversion rate go up by over 12%, largely because products were recommended more intelligently and customers better understood how the Molly Mutt system can be mixed and matched together. Their AOV also rose by over 6%, with more customers buying product bundles than ever before. Finally, Molly Mutt has seen an increase in the frequency of higher-value orders coming in, speaking to the fact new visitors have found it easier to navigate and understand their catalog than in the past.

Apart from the sales results, the Molly Mutt team has touted the value of letting LimeSpot's billions of AI data points take over recommendations and personalize their website for the whole customer journey; saving time and eliminating the choice overload or need for guesswork as to what products will sell when paired together. More sales for Molly Mutt ultimately means more happy pooches, and a tail-wagging happy ending for this earth-friendly brand.

" I will happily sing LimeSpot's praises. If you're interested in creating a more tailored experience for your customer base and allowing them to shop your site more easily, you should absolutely consider adding LimeSpot."

Charles Combs, Head of Marketing for Molly Mutt

Molly Mutt Results

"When looking to add new products or services, ease of use and speed of launch are paramount. From day one, LimeSpot was immediately focused on getting everything set up optimally based on our strategic goals.
I’ve been able to focus more of my time on new projects instead of getting this up and running, and it’s been a great partnership as opposed to just a vendor / client relationship. If you’re thinking about LimeSpot, just do it – it's totally worth it!"
- Charles Combs, Head of Marketing, Molly Mutt

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