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Accurate personalization from day 1
Reduce your time-to-market by plug-and-play installation, automatic customization and instant personalization from the first view.

Extensive merchandising options
Use different layouts and algorithms to instantly create you-may-like, upsell, cross-sells, post-purchase and more.

Richly featured, intuitive visual editor
Our robust visual editor allows you to customize the layout, design, content type, and placement of each product recommendation. No technical expertise needed.

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Drive Bottom Line Value with Automation

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Easier customer discovery = more sales
Delight customers by suggesting the right products to them at the right stage of their journey.

Real-time product performance
View insights into what products resonate with what customers.

Greater merchandising agility
Roll out new products and collections in minutes, not days.

By providing a better user experience to our customers we’ve seen a lower drop-off rate, more loyal customers, and ultimately a healthy increase in conversions.

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- David Khella, Baltic Born

Baltic Born’s Revenue Increase

Test. Learn. Optimize.

Multivariate A/B testing
Experiment multiple concurrent scenarios with different placements, messages or recommendation types (upsell, cross-sell or post-purchase) to optimize your online-store experiences.

Optimize site-wide
Continue A/B/n testing from your Homepage to post-purchase Thank You page, and optimize site-wide.

Create unique customer journeys
Optimize your merchandising for your unique customer journey by individualized personalization and upsell, cross-sell tools based on your A/b/n test results.

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Track your ROI with Real-Time Analytics

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Track your ROI in real-time
Optimize your store performance by tailoring the user experience for each customer.

Compare recommended product performance
See the efficiency and performance of each recommended placement on every page.

Access to industry insights
Accelerate your time to market by exclusive access to industry global insights.

LimeSpot Technology

At a Glance

LimeSpot automatically crawls your product catalog to extract attributes, combines them with various shopper profiles and buying behaviors, and delivers real-time individualized AI-powered Recommendation to each of your online store visitors in every step of their unique journey.

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Robust Product Catalogue Enrichment

Multiple Levels of Control and Influence

Sophisticated Shopper Profiling

Built-In Multi-Variate Testing and Optimizations

Integrate with your Favorite Apps

Mobile Apps & Storefronts

Plobal Apps integration ShopPad integrationMalomo IntegrationRecharge IntegrationShogun Integration

Loyalty & Reward Programs

LoyaltyLion Integration

Marketing Emails

UpOrder IntegrationKlaviyo IntegrationMailChimp IntegrationOmniSend IntegrationOrderlyEmails IntegrationSendGrid IntegrationHubSpot Integration

Reviews & Social Proof

Okendo IntegrationLoox IntegrationYotPo integrationRyviu Integration

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