Setup in minutes

Set up in minutes and updates on a 1:1 basis

Select from upsells, cross-sells, and frequently bought together

Select from multiple types of offers including upsells, cross-sells, and frequently bought together

Choose any products or collections

Choose what products or collections are featured to spotlight new arrivals or featured items

Supports any type of SMS campaign

Use for any type of SMS campaign including browse or cart abandonment, product launches, or promotions

Boost the efficacy of SMS campaigns through personalization

  • Convert more customers and drive more clicks by offering a personalized product recommendation in your SMS outreach
  • Recommended products update for individual customers
  • Enhance the performance of any SMS campaign including winback, re-engagement, browse or cart abandonment, product launches, and special promotions
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Efficient setup and management with total flexibility

Phone with emails
  • Set up any widget in minutes and use it over and over again
  • Choose a promotion type from a range of options as well as a fallback option
  • Select which collection products are drawn from based on merchandising goals. Works with all major SMS providers

Works with

Leverage our Idea Guide:
Email & SMS Personalization

Add Smart Product Recommendation on your Text Message (SMS) campaigns, including transactional texts and leverage Machine Learning algorithms to send tailored recommendations to different sections of your customer base, based on their browsing, buying behavior, source, and more.

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