Supporting transactional and campaign emails

Create Audience Segments based on history, behavior, referral source, URL parameters, location, and more

A/B test and optimize email campaigns

Elevate site relevance across all LimeSpot products, including Bundle Discounts, Product Recommendations and more

Smart data-driven recommendations

Boost your Google Ads performance by syncing Audience Segments and utilizing them across all Ad Campaigns

Smart data-driven recommendations

Gain insights into effectiveness of each segment with detailed analytics and performance metrics.

Making relevant segmentation easy

Use our segmentation templates or leverage your data to create an audience segment

  • Build audiences based on affinity, context and lifecycle stage
  • Ensure customers are always segmented correctly with our real-time engine
  • Make data-driven decisions with in-depth analytics
Phone with emails

Optimize your online experience for every visitor

Phone with emails

Your customers aren't all one size, so why should your website be? For each segment:

  • Show or hide product recommendation boxes
  • Create personalized discounts for bundles
  • Merchandize and curate your collections
  • Personalize images, text, CTAs or any HTML content

Boost your Google Ads Campaign Performance

Deliver personalized shopping experiences to customers on Google

  • Sync your Audience Segments with Google Ads
  • Empower advertisers to precisely select their target audience and content
  • Utilize across various campaign types, including Search, Shopping, YouTube, and more
Phone with emails

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