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Introducing Personalized Discounts on Product Bundles

Increase average order value by offering personalized discounts on product bundles per audience segment

Maximize Sales with Personalized Discount Campaigns

Create personalized discount campaigns for different product bundles per website visitor

  • Offer from different types of discounts, whether it is a value, percentage or free shipping to offer a diverse range of Upsell opportunities

  • Gain insights into effectiveness of each campaign with detailed analytics and performance metrics

  • Boost your Google Ads performance by syncing Audience Segments and utilizing them across all Ad Campaigns

Boost sales by presenting the right product bundle discounts

  • Offer discounts per product bundle
  • Target all visitors or personalize discounts for specific audience segments
  • Track performance metrics for each campaign and audience segment
  • Conduct A/B tests to measure campaign lift

Learn how to increase Store Revenue with Personalized Discounts

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Dynamic pricing per Audience Segment

Adjust your discounts based on:

  • The customer's preferences, including product type, brands, pricing and more.
  • The customer's lifecycle stage, including first-time visitors, returning visitors, first-time buyers, and more
  • The customer's contexts, such as specific referrals or ad campaigns, location, device, browser, and more.

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