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Unlock the Power of Curated Collections

Boost Engagement, Conversion Rate and Revenue with Segment-based Collection Merchandizing

What Are Curated Collections?

Curated collections enable merchants to dynamically create collections tailored to customer preferences. Unlike standard static product listings, Curated Collections are strategically arranged to enhance product discovery, remove friction, and improve the overall shopping experience.

  • Affinity: Brand preferences, pricing sensitivity, desired discounts, etc.

  • Context: Location, referral URL, UTM parameters, device type, etc.

  • Lifecycle Stage: First-time visitors, returning buyers, loyal customers, etc.

Curated Collections In Action

It won't come as a shock to anyone when we say that to stand out, brands and retailers need more than just offering great products at low prices—shoppers want inspiring, engaging, and personalized shopping experiences.  

Curated Collections is a powerful tool to further the creation of relevant experiences, transforming how brands and retailers present their products to best align with their customers' goals and expectations.  

See Curated Collections In Action

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The Role of Collection and Category Pages

Collection or category pages are critical starting points in the e-commerce journey. They significantly influence how customers navigate and ultimately, whether they convert. These pages are like virtual shop windows, allowing customers to quickly get a feel for what the brand has to offer.

A study by BrightEdge, reveals that these pages often receive the highest click-through rates, with a notable 70% from search engine results. This underscores their role in the discovery phase, where shoppers explore various products and compare options, much like window shopping in a physical store.

Benefits of Curated Collections

Enhanced User Experience: Organizing products logically based on the behavior of the shoppers ensures that they quickly find relevant products. For example, the Best Sellers collection page of an apparel store should show light clothing to shoppers in warm locations and warmer products to those in cold locations.

Increased Conversion Rates: A well-merchandised collection page can turn browsers into buyers. For example, showcasing best-sellers, new arrivals, and high-margin items at the top of the collection, you make it easier for customers to find and purchase these products

Improved Inventory Management: Controlling which products are shown to which customer type allows merchants to influence purchase patterns. For example, by highlighting specific products within collections, you can encourage sales of slower-moving items.

By strategically utilizing curated collections, you can create a more engaging and personalized shopping experience that not only delights your customers but also drives higher conversion rates. Start leveraging this powerful feature today to transform your e-commerce store and stay ahead of the competition.

For more detailed guidance, explore our resources on audience segmentation and getting started with curated collections.

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