Using Your E-commerce Analytics to Optimize Your Customer Journey

“Why do customers keep abandoning their carts?” you’ve probably asked yourself many times.

Without eCommerce analytics, it would be impossible to know how many customers are leaving your store before buying, let alone understand the exact reasons why they left your store.

A deep understanding of your store’s analytics, and customer behavior and data, will help you thrive in the online space to keep customers coming back after their first purchase.

What is the eCommerce customer journey?

The eCommerce customer journey is the series of steps your customer goes through from the moment they first interact with your brand, right through to when they make a purchase.

Hopefully, your customer journey doesn’t just end with a purchase, but includes post-purchase interactions such as leaving reviews, referring friends and family, and making repeat purchases.

The customer journey includes stages such as:

  • Awareness: When the customer first discovers your brand or product.
  • Consideration: When the customer is comparing your product with others.
  • Purchase: When the customer decides to buy your product.
  • Retention: When the customer becomes loyal and makes repeat purchases.
  • Advocacy: When the customer starts promoting your brand and product to others, such as friends and family.

The importance of eCommerce analytics in optimizing the customer journey

Analytics play a critical role in optimizing the eCommerce customer journey.

These metrics provide insights into customer behavior at every touchpoint, helping you understand how your customers are interacting with your website — what’s working well, and where there’s room for improvement.

For example, analytics can tell you how long customers are spending on your Shopify store’s website, what pages they’re browsing, what products they’re looking at, and at what point they are abandoning their carts.

Average time spent on a Shopify store’s site

Did you know the average online shopper only spends about 3 minutes and 23 seconds on your store? 

However, when a customer clicks on a recommended product suggestion while shopping, their “dwell time” on the website increases to 12.9 minutes spent on the website! 

By offering a personalized shopping experience using a data-driven tool such as LimeSpot, Shopify merchants can keep potential customers on their websites longer, which can dramatically boost conversion rates and drive more sales.

Using eCommerce analytics to optimize your customer journey with LimeSpot

Tools such as LimeSpot have been created to help you optimize the customer journey, from the initial interaction to the final purchase and beyond.

First, it starts with a custom shopping experience using LimeSpot’s personalization platform to give each customer a unique storefront to interact with.

Next, comes the post-purchase opportunity to present your customers with the last-minute product recommendation upsell using CartHook.

Lastly, continue following up with customers post-purchase using transactional emails with embedded product recommendations using UpOrder.

Let’s look at how you can use these tools to gather valuable customer data and insights into how to improve the customer journey for improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Analyzing transactional emails (UpOrder) 

Transactional emails are more than just order confirmation emails — they’re promotional emails too.

However, most people stick to using the plain and generic built-in transactional templates provided by Shopify, resulting in missed opportunities for product recommendations and upsells after the initial purchase.

Unlike standard promotional emails, transactional emails such as order and shipping confirmations receive drastically higher open rates.

By using UpOrder, Shopify owners can get detailed insights into email engagement such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Understanding these metrics allows for continual refinement of email offers, leading to more personalized interactions, more revenue, and an improved customer journey.

Understanding post-purchase behavior (CartHook): 

CartHook can help shine a light on one of the most overlooked parts of the customer journey — the post-purchase offer.

By tracking data on one-click upsells and cross-sells, Shopify merchants can identify successful offers and replicate them to optimize future post-purchase interactions.

These insights can help identify areas for improvement, reducing missed opportunities and enhancing customer satisfaction by recommending better one-click upsell offers.

Personalizing shopping experiences (LimeSpot): 

With its data-driven analytics and smart algorithms, LimeSpot gives Shopify merchants the power to understand each individual shopper’s behavior in a way that was previously impossible.

By identifying patterns in the customer’s browsing and buying behavior, LimeSpot allows for the creation of personalized shopping experiences that are adaptable in live time for each customer. 

This level of personalization optimizes the customer journey by offering more relevant products and thoughtful experiences, increasing their likelihood of making a purchase and coming back again.

Improving customer engagement (LimeSpot): 

Engaging with customers effectively involves not just sending messages, but also understanding their responses. Consider using your email provider and LimeSpot as your interpreters for your customer’s behavior.

For example, Your email analytics can tell you that a section of your customers consistently clicks on sustainable products in your transactional emails. While LimeSpot might reveal that these customers are also spending more time browsing your eco-friendly collection.

By linking these two pieces of information, you can then craft targeted campaigns around sustainable products, satisfying your customers’ interest and creating loyalty.

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