Piecing Together a Robust Retention Campaign for Your Customer Journey

Creating a successful customer retention campaign will involve more than just sending out a few targeted emails or offering promotions through SMS.

Holding onto customers requires a comprehensive strategy that will identify specific goals, analyze customer behavior, and segment your audience to deliver personalized experiences.

By taking a data-driven approach, Shopify owners can gain a better understanding of their customer’s needs and preferences and tailor their shopping experiences accordingly.

In this article, we’ll explore the key steps and features necessary for creating a successful customer retention campaign and explain how LimeSpot’s features can help Shopify merchants achieve their retention goals.

Crafting a comprehensive retention campaign with LimeSpot

Did you know that repeat customers spend about 67% more than new customers? 

As your customers build familiarity and trust with your brand, they’ll continue to make larger and larger purchases.

Using LimeSpot, Shopify merchants can implement a customer retention plan to create a personalized and engaging customer journey that will drive repeat sales, increase average order values (AOV), and increase each customer’s lifetime value (LTV).

First, start by identifying the goals of your customer retention plan, whether it’s increasing customer lifetime value (LTV) or reducing churn rate. 

With your goals defined, you can begin analyzing customer behavior and segmenting your audience to implement personalized recommendations and follow-up email and SMS campaigns.

By levering LimeSpot’s features in a coordinated way, Shopify owners can create a comprehensive and robust retention campaign to keep customers engaged, satisfied, and loyal to their brand. This results in increased customer lifetime value, repeat purchases, and overall business growth.

In this section, we’ll be discussing how all of LimeSpot’s different features can work together to craft a complete customer retention program.

Real-time audience segmentation with LimeSpot

You can segment and group similar customers together based on factors such as browsing history, purchasing patterns, referrals, geographical location, and many others.

In “real-time” LimeSpot captures your customers’ browsing information and instantly updates your customer segments for the most accurate and personalized content, product recommendations, and promotional offers at any moment.

By using real-time data, your email and SMS notifications are always relevant, timely, and targeted, which leads to higher conversion rates, improved customer loyalty, and a better overall shopping experience.

Dynamic curated collections to create unique homepages for every customer

With LimeSpot’s dynamic curated collections, each one of your customers will see a unique and customized homepage, or collection page, that caters specifically to their preferences and interests showing them products they’re interested in.

For instance, customer A might see fitness and workout equipment on their homepage, whereas customer B might only see supplements and clothes on their homepage.

These curated collections are dynamically created, using each customer’s unique browsing habits to auto-generate their homepage for maximum engagement and conversions.

Creating different layout views for your products for different browsing experiences

The placement and arrangement of your product recommendations can significantly impact how customers browse and interact with your store. Remember — it’s not just what you recommend, but how you present these recommendations.

For example, Customer A might browse your store and see a carousel of “You May Also Like” products based on their interest in casual wear. Whereas Customer B might see a grid layout of related formal clothing items.

By showing your products differently based on each customer’s preferred browsing habits, you can retain visitors on your website longer and ensure they interact with more products before leaving your site.

Email personalization code snippet “Recommendation Boxes” with LimeSpot

LimeSpot offers a convenient way to personalize email campaigns using “Recommendation Boxes” which are essentially code snippets that can be easily copied and pasted into your outgoing email provider.

You can create a Recommendation Box for each customer, or segment your customer base to send out product suggestions through mass email marketing.

Content personalization for enhanced customer experience and a unique shopping session 

Similar to Dynamic Curated Collections, you can tailor your customer’s entire user experience to change the images, text, videos, and calls to action on each customer’s shopping trip on your website.

For example, you can change display and banner images for different customers, such as only showing red shoes for customers who browse red shoes, or only showing men’s products for male customers.

You can also automatically rearrange the HTML content such as the font sizes and colors of the page to match the visitor’s interest.

These personalization tactics can be used to create a more relevant and engaging customer experience so that each website session is unique for each different customer. 

Multivariate (A/B/n) testing for performance optimization

A/B testing, or split testing, allows you to test variations of the same product page to see if changing the product description, text colors, or images will result in increased sales.

Shopify merchants can use these test results to continue optimizing the page to improve its performance until they’ve found the perfect combination of images, descriptions, colors, and more, that create an irresistible product page that converts into more sales. 

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Shopify merchants who used LimeSpot saw a 12-28% average increase in revenue and a 5% increase in average order values. 

Download your free trial of LimeSpot today and see how it enhances our customer journey through optimized product placements and increases customer retention.

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