Personalization Audit: Sparkle in Pink

Although the products may be geared for kids on Sparkle in Pink's website, the shopping experience is very much still aimed at parents. Meaning, all the same rules and best practices of personalization very much apply. In today's Personalization Audit, we're seeing how this major kids clothing site (and LimeSpot client) is pumping up the personalization factor.

Sparkle in Pink personalization strategy audit

Children's brand Sparkle in Pink serves up dazzlingly cute looks for kids at affordable prices. With themed outfits for every occasion imaginable, adorable mom & me ensembles, and plenty of fun accessories, LimeSpot client and Shopify brand Sparkle in Pink is truly all about bringing any little girls' dream closet to life.

A unique element of the Sparkle in Pink shopping experience is the way the brand merchandises virtually every item of clothing they sell in detailed flatlay images. We'd expect personalization to play a big role in helping shoppers track down their picture perfect 'Pink' look.

What Sparkle in Pink got right

  • Product detail page 'complete the look' cross-sells: Every outfit on Sparkle in Pink is styled with adorable accessories, jewelry, and shoes to curate an entire look. Parents have a super easy time of shopping by accessing the 'Complete your look' carousels on PDPs that reflect the same (or similar) items styled in the featured image. We love that you can add items right to the cart from the recommendation boxes as well; streamlining the shopping experience and enabling customers to check out more quickly.
  • Stacked recommendation blocks: Different recommendation box types do different things, and Sparkle in Pink is stacking the deck in their favor by giving customers multiple ways to continue their shopping journey. They can browse stacked recommendation boxes to look at similar items, view the site's bestsellers, or navigate back to another product that may have caught their eye. No matter what, the likely outcome of this strategy means lower bounce rates and longer time on site as shoppers continue to find more and more gems to add to their cart.
  • In-cart cross-sells: If a shopper doesn't pick out coordinating accessories on a product page, they're given another chance to snap up matching items once they hit the cart page, with built-in cross-sell offers. The cart page also features recent views and frequently bought together items to give shoppers the chance to revisit a few other items they may want to top up their order with.

Areas for Sparkle in Pink to enhance
  • Collection pages: Sparkle in Pink features trending items on their collection pages, as a way to spotlight what items are gaining the most traction. These blocks are placed at the bottom of the collection pages, which means they can get missed if a customer is browsing one of the brand's more extensive collections that feature hundreds of products. Sparkle in Pink could test placing the boxes higher up on the page to see if they drive more conversions.

    We do want to commend Sparkle in Pink for also including recently viewed items on collection pages; a simple strategy that can function as a 'second navigation' curated by customers to make it easier for them to browse.

Missed personalization opportunities for

Sparkle in Pink

  • Checkout: Sparkle in Pink could take the same coordinating cross-sells they offer in the cart and extend them to the actual checkout page as one last opportunity to boost order values.

  • Home page: We love that Sparkle in Pink features recent views at the bottom of their home page. Their other home page collections however, are static and based on what collections the brand wants to spotlight. From a merchandising point of view, this makes sense as it's designed to direct customers to new arrivals or featured items. But it might be worth testing to see if another personalized block other than just recent arrivals drives even more conversions.


Sparkle in Pink is hitting a lot of the marks we'd expect when it comes to personalizing their site for parents - which shouldn't come as a particularly big surprise, considering they've received 1 on 1 coaching as part of being a LimeSpot client.

The site has some unique factors that lend itself well to simple to intermediate personalization strategies. Their clothing tends to follow a specific style, and it's really only for girls, meaning limited requirements for segmentation. If anything, the brand could potentially adapt the site to someone shopping for a baby versus an older child, but we feel like Sparkle in Pink is doing a pretty great job right now.

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