How To Optimize Your Shopify Store For Valentine's Day

Optimizing Shopify Stores, Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day, lovers around the world who are struck by Cupid’s arrows want to express their feelings with gifts. This day brings tremendous potential for retailers to take advantage of consumers’ eagerness to shop. Even though February 14th is almost upon us, it’s not too late to optimize your Shopify store to send some love to your bottom line as well. With LimeSpot personalization you can incorporate these simple techniques into your store to entice your Valentine’s Day shoppers.


As the name implies, cross-selling plays off the idea that someone buying a product from your store will also be interested in a complementary item. A Valentine’s Day cross-sell might see a gentleman who bought a purse for his significant other also pick up a wallet when prompted. This simple and thoughtful suggestion made on your Shopify store will help him win points and will also earn you revenue. LimeSpot enables you to do it.


On Valentine’s Day, most people aim to please. Upselling plays into this thought process. The idea of upselling is offering someone a nicer (and more expensive) product than the one they’ve selected, by giving them another look at what else is out there. For instance, imagine you’re planning to buy a generic tablet. But as you’re making your decision, a conveniently placed Apple iPad catches your eye. Suddenly, the iPad looks more enticing despite the higher price, so you decide to spend a bit more. With LimeSpot you can add this kind of upselling to your store’s capabilities.


Shopify reports that 50% of buyers will experience buyer’s remorse after making a purchase. But this can be your chance to personalize your shoppers’ experience and retain them as customers. Delivering pertinent messaging after the checkout process can encourage people to come back and shop again, or enable you to cross-sell an additional, complementary purchase. With LimeSpot you can add your own personalized recommendations after the checkout process

For lovers, Valentines’ Day offers an opportunity to give a gift that make a lasting impression on a significant other. For your Shopify store, it offers an opportunity to make a lasting impression on your customers – and to pick up some additional revenue. Share the love this Valentine’s Day!

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