Change Everything You Know About E-Commerce Customer Retention with These 5 Strategies

When it comes to running an online business, too many merchants focus on finding new customers while ignoring their most profitable audience — existing customers.

Currently, the average eCommerce customer retention rate is only around 28.2%, which is considered low compared to other industries.

The main challenges facing Shopify merchants are increased competition, a lack of personalization, poor customer experiences, and limited customer engagement.

Luckily, new technological innovations are transforming the landscape of customer retention for Shopify stores, with tools such as LimeSpot.

With these tools and customer retention strategies, creating personalized shopping experiences, and post-purchase experiences, will be a breeze.

Customer retention strategies trends in eCommerce in 2023

Did you know that returning customers typically spend 31% more than new customers?

Because your existing customer has already shown trust in your brand, they’ll also be more receptive to post-purchase offers and product recommendation upsells.

In 2023, your focus will be on creating a loyal customer base that continues to shop from your store time and time again.

These are the top customer retention strategies you’ll need to be aware of in 2023.


In the past, personalization meant inserting the customer’s name into emails. Now, it means completely changing the entire shopping experience to the customer’s preferences in live-time.

A great example of this is how platforms like LimeSpot are employing smart algorithms to personalize the shopping experience in real-time based on user behavior, such as products browsed and past purchase history.

UpOrder is a Shopify app that personalizes transactional emails, allowing Shopify owners to include brand logos, styles, colors, and other limited-use discount codes and product recommendations in every communication. 

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are getting a makeover. Instead of basic point systems, Shopify businesses are now offering tiered rewards, personalized rewards, and VIP benefits.

Some are even leveraging gamification to make loyalty programs more engaging. 

Customers appreciate these innovative programs as they feel more valued and engaged, increasing their customer lifetime value.

While not a loyalty program, the personalization capabilities of LimeSpot and UpOrder can complete Shopify owner’s loyalty programs by providing customers with a tailored shopping experience.

Omni-channel experience

Customers shop across multiple channels — online, mobile, social media, and in-store, and they expect a consistent experience across all of these options.

Retailers are investing in technology to ensure they provide this unified experience, understanding that a positive and consistent shopping experience can significantly boost customer loyalty.

Products such as LimeSpot are designed to provide a seamless experience across different touchpoints, such as personalized post-purchase emails  and persownalized shopping experience.

Customer service

Exceptional customer service remains a non-negotiable aspect of customer retention.

Online stores are employing chatbots to provide instant support and using social media platforms to promptly address customer queries and complaints.

A swift and effective resolution of issues helps in fostering customer trust and long-term loyalty.

Re-engagement campaigns

Re-engagement campaigns have become a staple in eCommerce customer retention strategies.

By analyzing customer behavior, online stores can identify customers who are losing interest or haven’t made a purchase in a while.

Shopify merchants can send these customers personalized re-engagement emails using UpOrder to embed personalized product suggestions into their emails to reignite the customer’s interest.

Subscription models

Another emerging and winning strategy is the implementation of subscription models.

Whether it’s a replenishment subscription for regularly used products or a premium subscription for exclusive benefits, customers appreciate the convenience and exclusivity, resulting in increased customer loyalty.

Now you can upsell subscription-based products in Cart and Check-out pages to increase AOV using LimeSpot.

Change everything you know about eCommerce customer retention with these 5 strategies

Get ready to embrace new innovative tactics that will revolutionize your approach to customer loyalty in 2023 using new tools from Pantastic. 

Revolutionizing transactional emails with UpOrder 

In the eCommerce space, transactional emails are an overlooked gold mine!

By transforming these emails into a hidden sales channel, you’ll see the difference that post-purchase communication has on future sales.

Instead of using plain, standardized Shopify email templates, UpOrder enables the creation of customized design templates, allowing you to inject your brand’s personality into every transactional email (order confirmation, shipping confirmations, delivery confirmations, etc.)

With the ability to drag and drop style elements into your emails and embed product suggestions, UpOrder makes every transaction a new opportunity to spark further engagement and fuel customer retention.

Post-purchase upselling and cross-selling with CartHook

Remember that your customer journey doesn’t end at the checkout page.

CartHook capitalizes on the post-purchase moment, using the power of “one-click upselling and cross-selling offers” to display a last-minute product suggestion to your customer after the checkout process.

By timing these offers after the checkout page, it eliminates the risk of cart abandonment. With just “one-click” your customer can easily accept the new product recommendation to increase their cart’s average order value (AOV).

This way, CartHook not only enhances the size of the order but also deepens the customer’s relationship with your brand by offering products based on the customer’s previous browsing and purchasing patterns.

Personalized shopping experience with LimeSpot

Use the LimeSpot app to give your customer’s a unique shopping experience when they visit your website so that they’ll only see the products they’re interested in.

This level of hyper-personalization uses smart algorithms to deliver unique, live-updated shopping experiences that are curated by their behavior and data.

Imagine a customer who previously purchased a series of cookbooks from your Shopify store. On the next visit, their home page could suggest a newly released cookbook to increase their chances of making another book purchase that aligns with their reading preferences.

Enhancing customer engagement with UpOrder and LimeSpot

Customer engagement is a continual engagement that needs constant nurturing.

Imagine a blended approach combining personalized transactional emails with a tailored shopping experience online. This comprehensive engagement strategy touches every point along the customer journey, reinforcing brand recall and enhancing customer loyalty.

Try combining UpOrder’s personalized transactional emails and LimeSpot’s tailored shopping experiences, and you’ll significantly enhance your customer engagement and retention.

Data-driven decision-making with CartHook and LimeSpot

Data is the foundation of effective decision-making in the digital era.

Harnessing the power of advanced analytics and smart algorithms gives you the insights you need to craft personalized customer experiences.

By basing your decision on solid data, you’ll ensure that your strategies are in line with your customer’s preferences, maximizing customer satisfaction and retention.

With CartHook and LimeSpot, let the data guide your way to customer retention success.

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