7 E-commerce Personalization Examples To Boost Profits in 2023

Despite the surge in online shopping in the past few years, many Shopify owners are still grappling with poor customer retention rates and low average order values. 

The culprit? A lack of personalization in the shopping experience.

Today, personalized online shopping experiences are no longer a luxury — they are a necessity expected by your customers.

Implementing personalization strategies can also have a huge impact on your store’s bottom line. Studies have shown that personalized shopping experiences can boost your revenue by up to 15%.

Are you ready to break away from the low retention trap and boost your profits in 2023? 

What is eCommerce personalization and what does it look like? 

Imagine that each of your customers sees a completely different version of your website while they’re shopping. 

Through eCommerce personalization, it’s now possible to automatically update and repopulate your website’s products and content to match each individual shopper’s interests, needs, and online browsing behavior.

For example, a returning customer visits your Shopify store and immediately sees products related to previous purchases on their homepage. As this customer browses, they’ll receive personalized product recommendations based on their browsing history. 

If the customer abandons their cart, they’ll receive a personalized email reminding them to complete their purchase, possibly with a unique discount offer to encourage them to complete the purchase.

The impact of personalization on eCommerce profits

Personalization can significantly boost eCommerce profits by improving conversion rates, average order value (AOV), and customer retention.

By delivering a shopping experience that’s tailored to the customer’s unique preferences, Shopify businesses can convert more visitors into customers and encourage larger orders.

Remember, a customer retention increase of only 5% can increase your store’s profitability by 25% to 95%!

7 eCommerce Personalization Examples to Boost Profits in 2023

Personalization is a popular buzzword in eCommerce. And for good reason—it’s a proven revenue booster.

By implementing the following strategies, you should experience a significant uplift in conversion rates and average order values (AOV).

1. Personalized product recommendations

Product recommendations specifically tailored to each customer’s preferences, search history, and purchase history have been shown to boost salts.

For instance, if a customer is searching for eco-friendly products, LimeSpot’s data-driven algorithms can highlight similar environmentally-friendly options, which increases the chances of purchase and boost the customer’s satisfaction with the shopping experience.

2. Data-driven upselling and cross-selling 

Using advanced algorithms, LimeSpot identifies related products (cross-sells) or more expensive items (upsells) to suggest as product recommendations to boost the average order value (AOV).

For example, a customer who adds a pair of running shoes to their cart might see a set of high-quality running socks or a more expensive pair of shoes from a premium brand.

These data-driven suggestions can significantly increase the average order value by swapping out lesser-priced items with more premium versions of the product.

3. Personalized emails and notifications

Send personalized emails and timely notifications to your customers triggered by their browsing and buying behavior.

For example, if a customer browsed winter coats but didn’t complete their purchase, you can send them a personalized email with LimeSpot to feature a selection of winter coats with a discount or limited-time offer.

This personal touch can prompt customers to revisit the store and reclaim their abandoned shopping cart to complete their original purchase and drive repeat purchases.

4. Tailored shopping experiences

Give each customer a unique and memorable shopping experience based on their interests and previous browsing and purchasing behavior.

Using LimeSpot, Shopify merchants can adjust their website’s interface, such as the product display and layout, to show a completely different website to each unique website visitor.

For example, if a customer frequently visits the ‘Sale’ section, LimeSpot could highlight discount items on their homepage during their next visit. 

These tailored approaches can make shopping more enjoyable for customers, promoting sales and customer loyalty.

5. Dynamic pricing

Did you know that your product’s prices can be more flexible too? Sometimes it makes sense to use dynamic pricing, which can change your product’s prices based on the shopper’s previous shopping behavior.

But don’t worry, dynamic pricing doesn’t mean you’ll lose customers who are willing to pay full price. On the contrary, dynamic pricing can boost your revenue by catering to different customer segments.

While LimeSpot currently doesn’t offer dynamic pricing per se, it offers a powerful suite of features that can effectively complement and enhance pricing strategies.

6. Customized landing pages

Create personalized landing pages for different customer segments such as existing customers, new customers, gender-based segments for male and female customers, seasonal shoppers, and VIP customers.

For example, returning customers could be greeted with a “Welcome back!” message and a display of items related to their past purchases. Or for new customers, the landing page might highlight best selling products and a new customer discount.

7. Optimized mobile shopping

Consider this: around 43% of your sales are likely coming from mobile shoppers.

Enhance the mobile shopping experience with personalized features such as product recommendations, optimized checkout pages for mobile, and easy navigation that’s adapted to the customer’s past behavior.

For example, if a customer frequently buys books from the same author on their phone, LimeSpot can highlight new releases by the same author when the customer opens up the mobile app.

This personalized touch can boost mobile conversions significantly!

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