5 LimeSpot integrations you need to try

Think you know everything LimeSpot can do? Think again. LimeSpot has an advanced ecosystem of partners that extend the power of personalization well beyond recommendation boxes on your website. Today we're rounding up five of our favorite integrations to for you to test out next!

LimeSpot x Loyalty Apps


Loyalty programs are a proven retention booster for brands that execute them successfully. Now imagine combining your loyalty program with an ultra personalized twist. You can integrate LimeSpot with LoyaltyLion and to spotlight loyalty points on specific product recommendations. This can even include specialty promotions to further incentivize customers. The combination of seeing products they're more likely to be interested in coupled with a loyalty point bonus is almost too irresistible for customers to pass up!

LimeSpot x Emails


LimeSpot product recommendations can be inserted into virtually any email imaginable, including transactional emails (order confirmations, shipping confirmations, restock notifications, and abandoned cart emails), promotional emails (promoting sales, discounts, or special offers), and inspirational emails (highlighting new collections). All you have to do is set the parameters for LimeSpot recommendation boxes using the email widget in your dashboard, and drop the code into any template you've got. You can add LimeSpot recommendation boxes to email providers such as Shopify, dotdigital, Privy, MailChimp, Klaviyo, WeSupply, OmniSend, Orderly Emails, SendGrid, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and Spently.

Adding product recommendation boxes to emails is just scratching the surface for the potential of adding more personalization to your email strategy. Browse our entire Idea Guide here.

LimeSpot x Mobile Apps

Review-Mobile Apps-Mockup

Brands looking to create their own custom mobile apps can turn to companies like Fablet and Plobal Apps to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The perks of a retail mobile app are plentiful, including creating a more optimized experience that can ultimately lead to higher conversion rates. LimeSpot recommendation boxes can be easily added to these popular app builders, giving you an easy way to personalize the in-app browsing experience with minimal effort.

LimeSpot x Review Apps


The primary value driver of review and UGC apps is to provide social proof for your customers - faith that a product is as awesome as you say it is. But that's assuming a customer actually gets onto a product detail page. Integrating LimeSpot with popular review apps like,, Yotpo, Okendo, Ryviu, Loox, and even Shopify Reviews takes your reviews out of the product pages and up a level, into your product recommendations. The combination of seeing a star rating next to a product can be a massive motivator to drive shoppers to click on more products, and ideally, add more to their baskets. For maximum impact, consider adding the number of reviews and the star rating, particularly on bestsellers. Seeing that hundreds or thousands of shoppers have bought and loved a product can easily spur interest in a product a customer may have otherwise glossed over.

LimeSpot x Page Builders


So over coding? Companies like Shogun, PageFly and Malomo get it. That's why their page builders are trusted by thousands upon thousands of retail marketers and ecommerce leaders - they give anyone the power to create tailored pages without needing to be a coding master. And best of all, you can seamlessly add LimeSpot product recommendation boxes to any pages you create in these popular page builders to give your site a polished touch of personalization.


LimeSpot is a fully featured personalization suite, including product recommendations, personalized content experiences, and email personalization. But with our built-in integrations, you can level up your personalization experience that much; driving more revenue, more sales, and more retention for your business.

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