5 LimeSpot hacks you can do in 5 minutes or less

We get it - you're busy! Ecommerce can easily feel like it's moving at the speed of light, especially during peak seasons. And when you're going at a million miles a minute, it can be hard to prioritize things like spending time on optimizing your site's personalization.

The good news is LimeSpot does most of the optimization work for you. Our personalization solutions continuously adjusts to not just your customers' behavior, but data from our entire network of over 9,000+ stores. We apply this learning in real-time to serve up the most relevant recommendations, giving your site an extra personal edge your customers will buy into.

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You can even take things a step further by running A/B or A/B/n tests, including where you place your recommendation boxes, what types of boxes you run, and more. Contact us to find out if your plan supports A/B testing and how to set one up.

But look, if you can spare five minutes (or less!) to strengthen your personalization approach, we've got you covered with five easy tricks to try with LimeSpot that take almost zero time to set up but can have a major impact on your results.

1. Change the title of your recommendation boxes

LimeSpot recommendation boxes come in a range of standard 'flavors' that basically determine how recommended products are surfaced:

  • Upsell
  • Cross-sell
  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Related Items
  • You May Like
  • Most Popular
  • Trending
  • New Arrivals
  • Featured Collection
  • Recently Viewed
  • Recently Purchased

However, you can use any of these box types to generate your own custom experience, simply by changing the title of the box.

For example, you could pair 'The products that made us famous' with 'You May Like' boxes to make customers feel like they're viewing bestsellers, while tailoring the experience to what will most likely resonate with them.

Or you could create a bundle-style box using the 'Frequently Bought Together' box type and call it 'Complete the look' for a fashion retailer.

For the peak shopping months, consider adding in a nod to the season like 'Our Christmas Bestsellers' or 'Trending holiday gifts' to take any regular box and give it a shiny new wrapper.

The possibilities are endless and tweaking the header of a box type is basically the easiest hack you can do!

Running an upsell? You can also change the wording to reflect the price savings your customers will get by going for the premium or higher-volume item.

2. Add an upsell to your cart

Once someone has added something to their cart, they're signaling that you're worthy of spending their money with. So why not get them to open their virtual wallets a little more with a strategically placed upsell or cross-sell in their cart?

You can actually place LimeSpot boxes anywhere on your site, including in the cart. And those boxes can have auto-generated recommendations, or you can manually set upsells and cross-sells of products that are meant to be bought together.

You can even place LimeSpot boxes in an AJAX cart (also called a pop-out, slideout, or flyout cart) giving customers instant exposure to your upsell or cross-sell the second they show purchase intent.

Learn more about adding upsells and cross-sells to your cart here, or watch the short video above to see it in action.

3. Prioritize what collections are featured

You're in the driver's seat when it comes to prioritizing your product collections and how often they show up in your recommendations.

For example, you can highlight collections in your recommendations more often that have higher conversion rates or higher margins, and deprioritize items that have special conditions (ex: free items, low margins, high shipping costs, etc.)

As long as a product is assigned to a collection, you can choose how important it is to highlight that collection. The higher the priority, the more frequently it'll show up (and the more sales you should ring up).

4. Create tailored micro-collections on a 1:1 basis

LimeSpot recommendation boxes can be served up in 3 different formats:

  • Carousel (most popular)
  • Bundles
  • Grid

Definitely don't overlook the grid format as a creative way to tailor your site experience to your customers on a 1:1 basis. It's as simple as adding a new page to your website, titled something like 'Just For You' or 'Recommended for You'. Add a LimeSpot grid-style box to the page and ta-dah! Your customers will receive a page full of products tailored to their browsing and buying preferences.

Remember, you can always set parameters for your recommendation boxes to prioritize different aspects of your customers' behavior. For example, you could set the grid to only showcase new arrivals, or even new arrivals from a specific collection a customer has shopped in the past.

5. Drop recommendations in unexpected places

Everyone is used to seeing recommendations on product pages and even collection pages. But have you thought about other places you could insert them? Here's a few ideas to get you started - just hop on over to LimeSpot's Designer to add boxes to any page on your site!

  • Customer account center
  • Post-purchase / thank you page
  • Blog / content pages
  • 404 pages

There you have it! It only takes a little bit of work to have a big impact on your store. Not using LimeSpot yet? Give us a try!

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