Join our team

We are a small enthusiastic team with offices in Vancouver and
San Francisco enjoying fast growth and great customer traction.
Get on board and grow with us!

Join our team

We are a small enthusiastic team with offices in Vancouver and San Francisco enjoying fast growth and great customer traction.
Get on board and grow with us!

Senior Angular Engineer

Vancouver, BC

Would you like to:

  • Love what you do and the people you’re doing it with?
  • Do the best work of your career?
  • Belong to an amazing and fun group who want to do – and are *already* doing – big things?
  • Be part of exciting work with a meaningful mission as we build and grow our products, our team, and ourselves together?
  • Know that your work is being used by – and benefitting! – literally millions of people?

At LimeSpot, the above is not an aspirational fantasy; it’s our reality! And we’d love you to consider being part of that reality with us.

Role Overview:  

LimeSpot is currently looking for someone to complement our expanding team of Senior Angular Engineers, with a focus on front-end technologies. As 90% of our front-end code is currently in Angular (currently 8) a solid level of knowledge/expertise in Angular+Typescript is understandably a requirement for this role.


Some of your Tour of Duty with us will involve:  

  • Becoming an integral contributor to the frontends and user interfaces of all of our products, including some new ones
  • Being part of – and potentially driving/owning – some exciting big picture/big deal technical directions and organizational initiatives


Some of the other things you can look forward to: 

  • Working with like-minded and talented people who will fast become your friends
  • The opportunity to be a meaningful contributor to our architecture and technical designs
  • Flexible hours
  • A very nice Gastown transit-accessible office space with fantastic natural lighting
  • The ability to work from home for a percentage of the work week (up to 80%) if needed
  • Open vacation

Skills & Capabilities Ensuring Your Success:

  • Desire for the writing of unit tests with code (we use the standard testing tools for our Angular projects, while our React/other projects use Jest)
  • SOLID (get it?) understanding of JavaScript and functional programming principles
  • Enjoyment of the company of other human beings from time to time
  • Loving Git or other modern source control paradigms (we use Git + GitHub)


Other Nice To Haves:

  • A good eye for user interfaces and delightful user experiences
  • Previous experience with Angular Material
  • Knowledge of C# and Microsoft Web API (or pseudo-equivalent like Nancy) – this is a front-end focused role; however, having the ability to go “full stack” if needed is definitely a maaaaaasive bonus
  • Familiarity with the “branch-per-feature” model of source control organization
  • Understanding of development organizational principles like Kanban
  • Familiarity with microservices architectures and event-based systems
  • Previous e-commerce domain experience
  • An engaging smile
  • Familiarity with cloud-based services (we use Azure)
  • Openness to spontaneous high-fiving or fist bumping as appropriate for candidate comfort level


How To Apply:

  • Click here to send your CV and a cover letter.

About LimeSpot

LimeSpot creates a better shopping experience for hundreds of millions of shoppers worldwide every month, having one of the world’s leading online retail AI-merchandising platforms.  The LimeSpot platform extracts product attributes, combines these with shopper profiles and behaviors, and delivers real-time intelligent recommendations to each individual shopper. This results in happier shoppers, happier retailers, higher conversions, and massive amounts of additional revenue for our customers.    

We’re a diverse team that highly values the culture we’ve built (and build upon), and the people that make that culture what it is.  We treat everyone with the respect, love, and integrity that they deserve as human beings. If the “Tour of Duty” reference above didn’t tip you off, we do our best to adhere to “The Alliance” as we work and learn together, and we try to exemplify it in all we do.